First of all, what the bleep is cider?

Quick definition: An alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples.

Our definition:  It’s bliss.

What the bleep is cider revolution?

Cider’s coming back in the United States with a vengeance to show the public just why it was America’s favorite drink before Prohibition burnt it’s orchards to the ground.  It is more ancient than the bible, in fact it even has its own verse.  It’s earliest record can be traced back to the Roman Empire around 55 BC.

Cider has started to make a comeback in the last couple of decades, but is hasn’t been until the last five years that craft cider has revolutionized the way we drink.  Our cider is naturally gluten free and it has no added sugars.  Because it is made from fruit alone, it makes it a perfect complement with any meal as it cleans your palate and excites your taste buds.  You can check out our blog for pairing ideas.  Whatever the occasion, you’ll find a wonderful experience awaiting you.

Be good to your palate and give it quality cider. Order The Permann’s at your local store or have it delivered to your door for your next celebration!  If your local store/pub does not carry it, please contact us and we will reach out to them.